• Woody Mann


    Besides being a legend in the guitar world, American musician and composer, Woody Mann, is a charming entertainer and an excellent singer. His diverse repertoire is based on several genres of American music; from country blues to sophisticated jazz compositions,...

  • Zoran Majstorović Trio


    A prime example of instrumental ethno/world music at its finest, Zoran's sounds offer traditional and original compositions which are inspired from different parts of the world; from African music, far east music, and oriental music, to the elequent,...

  • Pandur & Savčić Flamenco Project


    Slovenian choreographer and dancer, Ana Pandur, combines flamenco with contemporary performing arts seeking new approaches to her methodology. Ana combines flamenco with modern dance, theater, and music. She is the creator of numerous dance performances with,...

  • ZZ Quartet


    Diverse musical backgrounds, which include jazz, modern classical, world music, and free improvisation. They have been working on original compositions as well as crafting beautiful and haunting improvisations. Their music blurs the boundaries between notated music and free improvisation,...

  • Srđan Bulat


    Srđan Bulat is an award-winning classical guitarist from Split, Croatia. He has won top prizes in almost all of the most prestigious international competitions for classical guitarists, including the first prize in the 2011 ‘Francisco Tarrega’ competition in Benicassim, Spain.

  • The Elsewhere


    Behind the name "the Elsewhere" lies the "London Quartet" of the well-known Rijeka duet Alba & Leo. Natalie Rozario, a vanseller of classical and modern music, has performed in this musical adventure, performing at the Sydney Opera House, West End and Jamie Cullum, and the eclectic percussionist Sass Hoory,...

  • The Stratitis Quartett


    "The StratitisQuartett" is the latest band project of guitarist and composer Peter Erregger (Austria). The name refers to special playing styles/techniques used on Fender Stratocaster guitars. Their repertoire consists of original compositions in a jazz/blues style,...

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  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 17.8.2018 (9:00 pm)
  • Woody Mann (US)
  • Srđan Bulat (HR)
  • Hal (prom. knjige) (HR)
  • Port Baška, Old Waterfront
  • 18.8.2018 (9:00 pm)
  • Alba & Leo Quartet (HR)
  • The Stratitis Quartet (A)
  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 19.8.2018 (9:00 pm)
  • Zoran Majstorović Trio (HR)
  • Pandur & Savčić Flamenco Project (HR/SLO)
  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 20.8.2018 (9:00 pm)
  • ZZ Quartet (HR/I/SK/A)

The concerts start at 9:00 pm.
Free entry.


Woody Mann


Fingerstayle/Jazz Guitar Workshop by Woody Mann. more...

Srđan Bulat


Classical Guitar Workshop by Srđan Bulat. more...

Peter Erregger


Fusion el. Guitar Workshop by Peter Erregger. more...

Zoran Majstorović


Fusion el. Guitar Workshop by Zoran Majstorović. more...

David Savčić


Flamenco Guitar Workshop by David Savčić. more...

Ratko Zjača


Jazz Guitar Workshop by Ratko Zjača. more...