• Muriel Anderson


    Muriel Anderson belongs to the inner circle of the most significant fingerstyle guitarists and is the first woman to win the prestigious competition National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship. Her music can be heard in Woody Allen movies; compositions from her album Heartstrings...

  • Duck Baker


    Duck Baker is a living legend of acoustic guitar. Among many albums that have been recorded are also the ones that critics ranked in the Pantheon of guitar music. He is the author of numerous books and instructional and educational materials, a columnist for the guitar magazines and tireless researcher of American music.

  • Emanuele Grafitti


    A young musician from Trieste graduated in classical guitar in 2012 and then continued his studies at the jazz department and ended it with maximum grades. Over the past years he has won numerous awards, recorded several albums and performed at various international festivals.

  • Elvis Stanić


    Elvis Stanić is one of the best Croatian contemporary guitarists and accordion players and the most awarded jazz composer of the middle generation. He is the leader of Elvis Stanić Group, a jazz fusion group which combines Mediterranean melody of traditional Croatian music and rhythms of...

  • Bow vs Plectrum


    Bow vs. Plectrum (bow against plectrum) is a duo of Filip Novosel (tambura) and Tihomir Hojsak (double bass), formed with the idea of connecting the two string instruments of different playing traditions. Double bass, played with a bow, and Croatian...

  • Black Coffee


    Black Coffee is a well-known jazz group from Split, Croatia, active since 1993. Their performances and albums, some of which won Croatian discography award Porin, feature guest appearances by stars of Croatian music and well-known artists such as Oliver Dragojević,...

  • Django-Group


    Wawau Adler is a gypsy jazz guitarist from Germany who regularly performs in Europe, the US and Canada. He was born in Karlsruhe in Germany where he started his musical journey. The first period of his dedication to the guitar was marked by engagement in rich legacy of the legendary Django Reinhardt and later...

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  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 17.8.2017 (21:00h)
  • Muriel Anderson (US)
  • Duck Baker (US)
  • manuele Grafitti (IT)
  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 18.8.2017 (21:00h)
  • Elvis Stanić Group (HR)
  • Bow vs. Plectrum (HR)
  • Port Baška, Old Waterfront
  • 19.8.2017 (21:00h)
  • Black Coffee (HR)
  • Jurandvor, st. Lucy's complex
  • 20.8.2017 (21:00h)
  • Adler & Damir "Django group" (DE/HR)

The concerts start at 21:00h.
Free entry.